Check Out The Art & Hue Pop-Art Roundup

Pop. Art. Those two words by themselves are awesome, but put them together and you have yourself something altogether more stylish, you have pop-art that is epitomised by the work of Art & Hue.

I’ve posted a couple of times previously about the fantastic work from this British designer. His work on The Avengers and the Carry On series both tickled my art-fancy and, would you believe it, he just keeps creating more amazing designs!

So, to close out 2016, and perhaps give you some ideas for last minute festive pop-art gifts, here are just a few of the Art & Hue collections that we haven’t already featured.

Art & Hue Presents Thunderbirds

Hold the phone, it’s Joan Collins

It’s the Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley

And remember, this is just a small selection. If you’re interested in the classic School for Scoundrels, Hammer Horror or screen icon Audrey Hepburn, then Art & Hue could have something for you.

You can even find a little Elvis in the shop. Happy Holidays!