As the school year starts all over America, we should take a moment to understand the dangers of teen drinking

Here is a classic film shown to my high school class back in 1989. It’s one of those “teens + drinking + driving = the nice girl always dies” educational films. However, this one, made in 1980, is SUPER groovy. It’s sort of like Carrie – but without the telekinesis and pig’s blood.

And while I don’t mean to make light of drinking and driving because one day my son will be in high school and I’ll have to give him the lecture, the moment of impact in this film is quite spectacular.

In fact, so much that when it was viewed in our PE class Sophomore year, the entire class cheered when it happened. The teacher did not find that amusing.

And now enjoy, The Last Prom.

Patch the Pony Says “Nay! Nay!” and Strangers “Stay, Stay Away”


In the early ‘80s this was a public awareness campaign (similar to the anti-drug DARE) that taught kids about the danger of strangers. The package included a filmstrip, textbooks, and little buttons of Patch that warned strangers to “stay, stay away,” or possibly to remind us when we were wearing them to stay away from strangers. And really, Patch looks cuddly, but if you’re a stranger, are you gonna mess with a red horse with a never-explained badass patch on his eye? He probably lost that eye fighting off strangers, or possibly a gang of evil unicorns. Here’s the full, original, 17-minute “sound filmstrip.”

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