Classroom Discussion Posters from 1973

A few months ago Denver Westworld posted these great classroom posters from the 1970s that were meant to motivate and teach children lessons. Westworld described the posters as “messed up” to put it politely. Posters like these lingered in schools like mine well into the 1980s. I thought they taught a lesson in a visually compelling way, but drop by Westworld and judge for yourself and see if you had exposure to these gems.

Let’s Not Get Metric!

In 1975, the federal government passed the Metric Conversion Act, a law mandating the gradual adoption of the metric system, putting out to pasture the outdated farm-related hectares and lbs in favor of the simpler, based-on-units-of-10 system of deciliters and kilometers used by most of the rest of the civilized world. Despite metrics being law, it never took off, because as it turns out, Americans were extremely patriotic when it came to how things are measured. In fact, the most lasting effect of the MCA was when Pepsi became the first soft drink maker to produce two-liter bottles. Here’s “The Metric FIlm,” an educational film from the National Bureau of Standards to get everybody up to speed (which would be in, you, kilometers).