John Carter Fan Trailer “Heritage”

I really enjoyed the film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough’s legendary Virginian Sci-Fi hero, John Carter. To be fair there were some things I thought didn’t quite work but it by no means made me regret spending my hard earned money for a seat in the auditorium.

There is something that I am very upset with though…and that is the marketing of the film, it’s been talked about by almost every site on the web, and as can be seen below from the John Carter Files YouTube channel there are a great number of fans that refuse to be content with the media that has been offered for the film.

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John Carter “White Apes” Extended Scene (Spoilers)

[Via] IMP Awards
Walt Disney Studios released this clip from their upcoming John Carter film, scheduled to hit the Silver Screen on March 9th. I really like what I’m seeing here and I think we are finally seeing a bit of that magic they brought over from the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.

Be warned there are some small SPOILERS in this clip!

Even if for some reason the movie fails to deliver, but from what I’m seeing on early reviews this doesn’t appear to be the case, at the very least it causing reprints of the Burroughs novels. I saw three different reprint versions at my local Barnes and Noble yesterday!

Fan Trailer For John Carter Gets The Point Across.

With the upcoming Walt Disney film version of John Carter of Mars set to hit the Silver Screen on March 9th, many fans of the classic literature by Edgar Rice Burroughs have felt the trailers and TV spots that have been presented have not necessarily shown the majesty and importance of the character.

Well, the John Carter Files YouTube Channel decided to help with this fan trailer using the footage already presented in other media. As they say on the posting of the video they are fans of the book and just want to help Disney get as many people as interested in the movie as they can. I like this idea. I LOVE their trailer.

There is a new poster out that I’ve yet to see in theaters around my neck of the woods, thanks to IMP Awards for sharing it.

A big thank you to Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on this YouTube project.

John Carter Teaser Trailer

I’ll always tell you the honest truth and that is I’m not 100% sold on this film adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs series of novels, John Carter of Mars. I would hazard a guess and say that I am however about 85% sold after seeing the epic scope of the trailer…I just don’t know if I agree with the music from Arcade Fire they’ve used for it.

Thanks to Walt Disney Studios UK for uploading the trailer!

John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Willem Dafoe, James Purefoy, and Lynn Collins. It was directed by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall-E) based on his own screenplay with help by Michael Chabon (Wonder Boys, Spider-Man 2), the film will hit the Silver Screen on March 9th, 2011.

John Carter Teaser Poster

Thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on this teaser poster for the upcoming John Carter: Warlord of Mars motion picture. Disney Studios has shortened the name of the picture to John Carter, something that my fellow Edgar Rice Burroughs fans have been less than quiet about in their dislike. Though as Nordling at Ain’t It Cool has pointed out, this teaser poster has an M on it…so maybe they are planning on changing the title again?

I’ve been a huge fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs since I picked up what would be his first novel in the Pellucidar series, At the Earth’s Core. From there I quickly started snatching up what I could of his works and fell in love with his Tarzan series and the admitted favorite of his own work, The Outlaw of Torn. Then a very good friend was kind enough to let me borrow John Carter: A Princess of Mars…it immediately became my favorite of Burroughs’s literary work.

For those not in the know, A Princess of Mars introduces us to John Carter, a Confederate Civil War veteran, turned prospector who is forced to flee for his life in Arizona when beset by attacking Native Americans. He holes up in a cave and that night is mysteriously transported to the planet Mars. There he soon encounters the warrior race of the green skinned Tharks and thanks to the lesser gravity of the red planet finds he possesses great strength which allows him to rise up the ranks of importance in the nomadic tribe. Soon the Tharks capture the Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris. Before you know it John Carter is doing his level best to settle the politics of the planet…which includes leading a horde of Tharks in an attack on the enemies of Dejah Thoris’s people. Winning her hand in the process at the end of the first novel he is bestowed the title of the Prince of Helium. Obviously there is a whole lot more going on in that book…but I want to avoid anymore spoilers.