The Smurf Wrap-an-Egg from Easter Unlimited

Smurf Wrap-an-Egg

As it is Easter time, I thought I’d have a quick look around for some retro-inspired Easter Eggs. This was the first thing that caught my eye!

The 1984 Smurf Wrap-an-Egg package encourages you to decorate 12 eggs in ‘just seconds’! It’s easy to do, there’s no fuss and no messy paints or dyes! So that’s a win for everyone, right?

Looking at the instructions, I’m pretty sure the children needed to be supervised for this task as you were required to dip the wrapper-on-egg combo into boiling water for 3 seconds. Once you were done, you would be the proud owner of some hard-boiled eggs with Smurf Wrappers atop… actually, I’m starting to think this was a raw deal for those craving a sweet treat!

There were also Rainbow Brite and Peanuts versions too:

Wrap an Egg

Did any Retroist readers ever do these?

Easter Yellow M&M Cake

Great and might I add timely work by cake artist Kelly Lloyd on this wonderful cake. I look at a lot of themed cakes and I really like when the person making it takes the time to make the plate that the cake is sitting on match the theme of the cake. Something distracting about seeing a cool cake on a mismatched shiny silver disc. So bonus points to Kelly…

This cake is a chocolate chip cookie flavor, covered in fondant. The basket is fondant and filled with M&Ms of course!