Retroist Presents: Joe Dante’s E! Gremlins 2 Segment (1990)

Do you remember back in the early days of E! when they would do the Shameless Plug segment? An actor or director would be taped for five seconds, allowing them to express their desires to have you see their new film. In this segment Joe Dante implores everyone to go out and catch the sequel to his 1984 box office smash, Gremlins.

Hey, there’s a bonus appearance by Beau Bridges at the beginning of that clip as well!

Marina Sirtis Interviews Brent Spiner on the set of Star Trek:TNG in 1990

I am not sure of the exact time/date of this very funny interview of Brent Spiner by Marina Sirtis on the set of ST:TNG, but I am going to guess around 1990 although it could have been filmed a little earlier. They mention this is the 3rd year of TNG and 1990 would be the last year of Movie Time before it became E!, so it is a safe guess.

The segment is really more of a skit, than an interview, but the end result if very funny.

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