Time to Make the Spooky Halloween Donuts with Fred the Baker

In the catchphrase pantheon I put “Time to make the donuts” well above “Where’s the beef”. So much so that during a summer in the 80s I uttered this catchphrase almost every day and wore a T-shirt emblazoned with it. And this catchphrase had legs. It was the “Just Do it” of its day, only better, because it was about donuts.

Check out this sweet Halloween themed Dunkin Donuts commercial and tell me you don’t want a wolfman glazed donut right now?

Michael Vale as “Fred the Baker” is an American Treasure of the highest caliber.

Time to Make the Donuts


The classic “Fred the Baker” Dunkin Donuts commercials are what endeared me to the newly arrived Dunkin Donuts in my town after the closing of our Mister Donut. I think I said “Time to make the Donuts” every morning before walking to school for about a year. My mother must have loved me or she should have pushed me down the stairs after 3 months (my sisters might have).