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The Atari 2600 Guest Stars on Three’s Company

When I watch older TV shows I am always on the lookout for tech treats. Last night I was watching Three’s Company episode “Furley vs. Furley” (original air date 2/17/82) and right at the start of the show we get … Continue reading

1978 Atari Commerical with Pete Rose and Don Knotts

Don Knotts as the official mascot for Breakout?? Now I have always loved Breakout. But as everyone knows if you just add Don Knotts to something, it gets a whole lot better. They really should have pushed the association and … Continue reading

No Time for Sergeants on DVD

No Time for Sergeants was a 1954 best-selling novel by Mac Hyman. It was later adapted into a popular Broadway play and 1958 motion picture, as well as a 1964 television series. The book chronicles the misadventures of a farm … Continue reading