Austin Powers Doll

I debated on whether or not to post this find, as Austin Powers doesn’t seem to be “retro” enough for me yet, despite the fact that the original film came out 16 years ago. Can you believe that? Since Austin himself is a time traveler from 1967, I decided it was groovy enough to throw it up here.

Found for $2.99 at a local thrift, not only is this doll completely poseable, but he also comes with a talking stand that , with the push of a button, emits many of Mr. Powers’ catch phrase. Oh, behave!

Steve Urkel Doll

As a collector of retro things, sure, I get the appeal of a giant Urkel doll. Stepping back though, I have to wonder just how many of these flew off shelves back in 1991 when they were released. Did kids really feel protected from the monsters in their closet at night by squeezing their Steve Urkel doll tight? Did kids in the back seat of a road trip sneaking out SBD (“silent but deadly”) toots hope to pull Urkel’s string and get him to take the blame with his catch phrase, “Did I do that?” Seriously, if you owned one of these as a kid, I want to hear from you.

Now if the doll had been able to perform the Urkel Dance, that would have been a completely different story.

Burger King Pillow Dolls

Typically when I think of Burger King collectibles the first thing that comes to mind are the company’s drinking glasses — specifically the Star Wars ones — so finding other BK-related collectibles in the wild is always a treat.

Last week I ran across not one but two plush versions of the King himself in an antique mall. Now, I have to admit something here: I have a bit of a hang up when it comes to buying used pillows and stuffed animals. There’s something about adding something to my collection that’s probably full of some other kid’s drool that I just can’t seem to get over.

The more cartoonish of the two Kings dates back to 1973; the one of the right is slightly newer, released in the late 70s I think. (If anyone knows for sure when these were released, please let me know.) Although the memory is cloudy I do think I may have owned the one on the left when I was a kid. If I did, I surely would have slept with my head on top of it in hopes of dreaming about hamburgers, and whomever owns it today owns a plush doll filled with my drool.