Muppet Guys Talking - Group Shot

Muppet Guys Talking Is Finally Getting Released!

Well, to be honest about it, Muppet Guys Talking has already been released. It actually was released on March 12, 2017 for the South by Southwest Film Festival. Now though it’s going to be released for all of us to see, by way of the Muppet Guys Talking site on March 16th!

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Just as a bit of trivia you might want to know of course, the original title for Muppet Guys Talking was in fact entitled Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched. That is certainly a mouthful, right?
Muppet Guys Talking - SXSW 2017

Over these many years that I have been fortunate enough to share my interests on The Retroist. I have continuously shared my love of the work and creations of Jim Henson. Now we have this amazing opportunity to listen to five of the Muppet performers share their memories. Not on just on how Henson led his team of performers but personal tales of how they helped to develop a legacy that is still relevant today.

In Muppet Guys Talking we will hear from Frank Oz, the creator of Miss Piggy, Grover, Animal, and Bert to name a few.

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Also in the documentary is Fran Brill, the talent behind characters such as Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou, and Polly Darton.
Muppet Guys Talking - Polly Darton

The late and great Jerry Nelson is featured in Muppet Guys Talking too. Gobo Fraggle, Count Von Count, as well as Emmett Otter were a few of his creations.

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Bill Barretta is part of the group in the documentary, getting his start with The Muppets backin 1991. He has helped to bring to life Bobo the Bear, Earl Sinclair, and of course Pepe the King Prawn.
Muppet Guys Talking - Pepe the King Prawn

Last but certainly not least in Muppet Guys Talking is Dave Goelz. The performer behind such characters as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beauregard, as well as the one and only the Great Gonzo!

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So make sure to take a moment out of your busy schedule, go visit Muppet Guys Talking. Let us all prepare to be informed and entertained by the legends in the interview. Furthermore I would be willing to bet we will frequently be moved by the discussions too.

To tide us over until the Muppet Guys Talking documentary goes live. How about we listen to Frank Oz and producer Victoria Labalme talk about how the idea got started.

Ryan Meade’s Documentary Invaluable is Now available for Evil Dead Fiends!

Hey creeps, remember when I told you all about the documentary from film maker Ryan Meade that featured the story of artist Tom Sullivan and his contributions to the world of the Evil Dead? Well, that documentary is now available for purchase!

Just head here, and pick one up today, and don’t forget to visit the film’s Facebook page!

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time

We’ve seen a lot of arcade game documentaries over the past couple of years. King of Kong was one. Chasing Ghosts was another. Recently, I learned about a third. It’s called The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time.

The hook of The Space Invaders is that it focuses specifically on individuals who not only play arcade games but collect them. The bulk of the film is interviews with several of these collectors. Intercut with these interviews is old footage of 80s video arcades and news stories about arcades. All this information is divided into three parts: 1) Time, which briefly covers the history of 80s arcade games, 2) Space, which covers the modern efforts of the collectors, and 3) Time Space, which covers the future of these games.

Most of us are going to going to feel some good-natured envy mixed with enjoyment while watching The Space Invaders. I know I did. But there are plenty of things we are going to enjoy in the movie. Seeing all the old machines, all of which look to be in great shape, is one. There is a segment which shows how one of the interviewees was on Starcade. There is another in which they make the connection between wanting to own an arcade game and Silver Spoons (Ricky Schroder’s arcade collection is one of the big reasons I want to own an arcade game today). There is yet another that discusses the California Extreme expo (I spent that time looking for blinddog and myself in the footage). Not only so, but the collector’s edition which I got had a dvd full of great extras (such as the collector’s thoughts on the Colecovision mini-arcade units), a blu-ray copy of the film, and a poster.

You can rent The Space Invaders on or you can buy the collector’s edition here. I’m pretty sure the time you spend watching it won’t be “lost time”.

Automan Doc and Guest Spot

A couple days ago, we got a great pic of Automan by Sasa Bralic. I loved this show when it originally aired (I would have been 8?), and that picture encouraged me to look up some episodes. I couldn’t find any on YouTube (though there were some on Veoh, as Drahken told us). I did find the doc that Mizphit mentioned, though, and watched it last night.

One of the notable parts of the doc is the reference to the Laura Branigan guest spot. I had remembered the Branigan song “Self-Control” being on Knight Rider, but I hadn’t remembered this (if I had, I would have included it in my Promotional Cameos post). When I saw not only Branigan on the show but Automan playing guitar behind her and Thriller’s Ola Ray on backup, I was just overwhelmed with retro goodness. Things just seemed so fun back then, and they still look pretty fun today. You’re not only stopping crime but playing guitar behind Laura Branigan. At the same time! I’d be happy doing just one of those things!

By the way, not only did Automan have a car that could do 90 degree turns as well as a copter and a plane, but he was revealed to be an accomplished dancer in the doc, and my 2-year-old daughter just told me that Automan is “pretty”. So “Otto Mann” truly has everything, and TV is that much less to not have him.