Vintage Disney Channel – Walt Disney Imagineering

“Packages” like these were shown in between the main programming on the classic Disney Channel back in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Eric Boardman would take viewers on educational tours of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and other aspects related to the Walt Disney Company and interview those who were “in the know” within the organization.

Back in the channel’s better days, instead of commercials for shows you’ve seen a thousand times, they showed these types of packages. They were meant to educate, entertain, and inspire kids to be creative and perhaps even to work for The Mouse one day. This was recorded on July 17, 1990 as part of the programming celebrating Disneyland’s 35th anniversary.

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Get off your Chair! Let’s Mousercise!

I love watching Mickey in the background going along with the workout. It almost inspires me to climb out of my chair and exercise. Almost.

Mousercise – Part 1 of 5

Mousercise – Part 2 of 5

Mousercise – Part 3 of 5

Mousercise – Part 4 of 5

Mousercise – Part 5 of 5