Scrooge McDuck

Ready To Dive Into Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin?

Finally getting the chance to dive into the famous money bin of Scrooge McDuck isn’t something I thought I would share. Ever. But that is something we fans of Disney’s DuckTales can certainly imitate thanks to the upcoming D23 expo!

Scrooge McDuck - Money Bin

Image courtesy of D23.

I’m being absolutely serious here. Now we can reenact one of the most famous moments from the 1987 – 1990 animated series. Did I mention yet that for all of us wannabe Scrooge McDuck’s, that when you leap in, your photo will be transformed into an 180 degree gif? Life is like a hurricane, indeed!


Equally important is the reason that D23 is providing this opportunity. Chiefly it is to remind us fans of the classic DuckTales that a new series is on the way. On the positive side I would remind you all that none other than David Tennant is lending his voice as Scrooge McDuck. As a matter of fact I can’t think of a more perfect actor to take over the reins from the late and great Alan Young.

[Via] Disney Television Animation News

Scrooge McDuck - D23
Now if a playful dive into Scrooge McDuck’s money bin sounds like a lot of fun. Here is the info from the D23 site explaining how you can in fact take part in that:
“…the money bin will available for Disney fans when it is displayed on the show floor at D23 Expo 2017! That’s right, Scrooge McDuck is trusting us to display his money bin at D23 Expo, and we’re letting everyone jump in. Yes, that means you! If you want to get this once-in-a-lifetime chance, make sure to get your tickets now. D23 Expo 2017 takes place July 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We’ve got everything you need to know about it here.”

On the off chance that you somehow are new to Scrooge McDuck and the world of DuckTales. I humbly suggest you take a moment and listen to Episode 111 of the Retroist Podcast!
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Darkwing Duck By Real SonkeS

The incredibly talented Real SonkeS or Ivan as he is known on deviantART gives us a rather chilling illustration featuring everyone’s favorite Masked Mallard of Saint Canard…during a time of crisis for the famed hero.

Things are looking grim for Darkwing Duck! Look how he is holding his side, bloody feathers poking between his gloved fingers! Who or what is ablaze behind him as he steadies himself on the nearby trash cans? Yikes! I’m pretty sure the Disney Afternoon wouldn’t have gone for this dark storyline.

Wuzzles! The Full Moon Review!

**One Monster’s continuing mission to explore strange new (old) cartoons. Shows he has never seen! Watched in small segments and reviewed immediately. No research! No rewinds! No shame! Join me as I embarrass myself for your reading pleasure. This is Full Moon Reviews!**

Ah The Wuzzles. Disneys animated series chronicling the adventures of lovable cartoon mutant animals. I’ve never in my life seen this show but I remember being aware that it existed as a kid. In fact, my grandmother (for some unknown reason) had a Stuffed Bumble Lion Toy. So it must have had some pretty wide exposure. The Bumble Lion still sits proudly on the shelf at my Grandmother’s and has held up pretty well…makes you wonder if the show has. Through the millions of geeky pod casts I listen to I have discovered that The…Wuzzles was in fact the very first Disney Afternoon Show and apparently the least loved. Let’s see if we can find out why?

The Wuzzles Episode 13: What’s Up Sox?
So right away we get some crazy mixed up animal wackiness! It’s fall which they illustrate by squirrels (I can’t remember what animal they were mixed with) “Throwing their nuts south for the winter” by “throwing” Disney meant hitting them with a baseball bat. Anyway, all the “muties” are getting ready for some kind of fun-festival thing which you need costumes for.

So, they go try on costumes but they have no money! (I’m already relating to this show) They sadly return to their weird decrepit house that for some reason has a crashed airplane stuck half-way into an upstairs window. Ladies and gentleman I think we’re gonna have ourselves a “comedic moneymaking schemes” episode! They’ve got a rummage sale and a pie stand going. The hippo/rabbit is running the pie stand and she keeps eating the pies (pan and all) The other animals are running the rummage sale where they are selling junk that they find in EleRoo’s pouch…kinda gross.

Both ideas fail the rabbit/hippo is such a glutton that she disgusts potential buyers and ultimately eats all the pies. The rummage sale proves that people don’t really want to buy things that were stored in body cavities. Dejected they all give up until they stumble upon a new creature moving to town. A wealthy, half tiger half raccoon named TiCoon! Get it?

Ticoon wants to become a zillionaire and has a money tree to back it up. The gang clearly wants the tree and are planning on giving him all their worldly possessions to win it and I think the rest of this show goes one of three ways: 1.) The TiCoon is a con-artist and is gonna take their crap in exchange for a fake money tree. 2.) The tree is real and one of our heroes is about to stack some mad cash! 3.) They all decide to rob TiCoon take his tree and maybe that sweet Monopoly Man outfit too!

So the money tree was actually real (by the way turns out they were buying a seed not a tree…it grew with cartoon speed though, so it’s a moot point) They literally emptied their houses of all of their stuff…the objects are amalgams too (think, refridge-laminator or pickup-trunk.) Since they all now own it, they came up with a timeshare deal. Unfortunately they all needed some greenbacks so they pruned the crap out of the tree and killed it.

They went and threatened TiCoon about the “defective” tree but he called them out on there mis”tree”tment and sent them on their way. TiCoon also told the obviously evil bad guys (Croc-a crocodile/…crocodile? And his two goons that just look like monsters) they followed him home, saw the tree and stole it. TiCoon of course thought that the Wuzzles stole the tree and went to confront them. Let’s see how they lay down justice where TiCoon’s from.

The Wuzzles explain that they didn’t take TiCoon’s tree and maybe it was the giant horrible alligator that he admitted being rich to. They all decide to gang up and make him “whish he never had money.” First they pretend like they’re looking for an oil well on his land. BumbleLion gets a fake “hit” on what appears to be a geiger counter and tell him if he drilled there he would be rich. Croc immediately has an oil drill somehow and hit’s a well! It’s not an oil well though…it’s an ink well!!

TiCoon has a better idea. A fake stock market scam! He makes sure Croc overhears a phone call with his stock broker where he finds out stocks are up!! He gets Croc to give him all his money to invest in the stock market. The narrator then explains to us that stocks are actually Stox…a part stork part ox creature which is for some reason not sentient like they are. This makes me wonder; if Stox are just weird barnyard-dwelling, mindless beasts, then why did Croc think you could invest in them like stocks?

The stocks land in Croc’s yard and irritate him. He gets mad at TiCoon and tells him “all of your ideas are nothing but trouble!” I’m not sure what “other” ideas he was talking about but at any rate he doesn’t give up the tree. So they decide to take it and get in a tug of war and destroy the last living money tree in existence. Everyone is sad but decide it just made them bad, greedy people, and decide to go as ghosts to the party after all.… TiCoon who was the only real victim in this thing (the Wuzzles ruined his life) says the tree was bad because it almost prevented him from having friends. The message being that friends after all are more important than money. Hey, not all the morals in these shows can be true!

I really liked this show and I wonder how I missed it all those years. It’s a typical 80’s/90’s furry animal cartoon. The character are sassy, with funny dialogue…there’s a nice variety of personalities. I feel like I’ve seen the bad guy in a million cartoons- The big ugly alligator with a country accent. But it’s a character that works. I’ll definitely be checking out a lot more episodes on the YouTube. If anything I wanna figure out what happened in this town that messed up all the animals like that. I mean come on, half rhino half monkey? …What a freak-show.

The League of Extraordinary Ducks

The League of Extraordinary Ducks

In the 1950’s, radio was king. And between 1952 and 1954 there was nothing more popular in the world of radio than the genre of anthropomorphic animal action adventure. A great example of this type of show was The League of Extraordinary Ducks! Sponsored by Red & Green brand Duct Tape this half hour show kept families all over America gathered around their radio, totally captivated. The concept was pretty groundbreaking for it’s time; During Duckburg’s greatest peril, a secret governmental agency traveled the world recruiting the most powerful ducks in existence.

The team was led by the famed adventurer Duck Dodgers and included the half alive indestructible cyborg Gizmo Duck, the flying expert and mechanical wizard Ace Duck, the mysterious mistress of magic and illusion Morgana McCawber, the homicidal con artist and thief LeQuack and the split personality Mellissa Duck, who at any moment can transform into an unstoppable destructive monster. Finally the most mysterious member of the team, loyal only to himself, the ancient vampire Count Duckula. The cartoon actors got along extremely well and got a real kick out performing and improvising together. The gang even made several public appearances at parades and fairs, in character where they would sign autographs, mingle with their loyal fans and generally have a ball.

The League of Extraordinary Ducks

The League of Extraordinary Ducks

Despite extremely high ratings and a ton of branded merchandise, it was eventually decided that the show was just too violent and edgy for the public. The public strongly disagreed and began the first entertainment petition drive in American history, unfortunately the show stayed off the air. The actors all went on to strong careers in television. “Mellissa” and “Duck Dodgers” signed on with Warner Bros. in their upstart Looney Toons division. They were even able to appear together in several animated shorts. Dodgers became a huge star and Mellissa eventually began to work behind the camera becoming a highly respected director. “Ace Duck” and “LeQuack” went on to play recurring rolls on the hit shows Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Courage The Cowardly Dog respectively. “Count Duckula” was given his own program which became a huge hit in the UK and would later produce the spin-off sitcom Dark Shadows. Gizmo Duck and Morgana were both given strong rolls on the crime drama Darkwing Duck.

Years later the cast was approached about turning The League of Extraordinary Ducks into a series of graphic novels but few toons were willing to leave the booming world of television for print work and they respectfully declined. The graphic novels were later re-imagined using characters from literature. While no further properties were ever created For LOED the fan base is as loyal as ever and the cast has made appearances together at several “League” conventions. There has even been quiet talk of a reunion episode produced for the internet. One can only hope that this comes to fruition. I don’t think I only speak for myself when I say how great it would be to hear the old team back together again doing what they do best, fighting evil!