Happy Labor Day from the Empire!

Labor Day is an American holiday, originally created to celebrate the efforts of the common laborer. And who represents the common laborer more than Stormtroopers?


This unbelievably incredible Lego diorama was created by Jay Hoff earlier this year for Science Discovery Day at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida.


Jay’s diorama contained more than 30,000 pieces and 388 Star Wars Lego figures.


The shiny, smooth floors were created by using Legos turned on their side. Everything you see in the picture (except for the starfield in the background) are Legos. The starfield is actually painted cardboard.

More pictures of Jay’s diorama can be found on his MOCPage, dedicated to the build.

So thank you, working men and women of America, for all the hard work you do. And thank you, Stormtroopers, for your never-ending efforts in thwarting off insidious rebels. We salute you!


joe dios

JoeDios is a Great Online Source of GI Joe Dioramas

When I was a kid I spent most of my days setting up elaborate toy fighting sequences with my various action figures. It was all the fun of owning the figures to me. Even when I browsed catalogs, I would be looking for ideas on how I should set them up.

This often meant that I never actually played with the toys in the traditional sense. No rolling my tanks around or smashing figures together to simulate fights. It was all about the setup and by the time the setup was done, it would be too late to play with them and I would start over the next day trying to concoct the layout for a more epic battle that would never happen.

Even nowadays I enjoy looking at them which is how I stumbled across JoeDios, which is an online resource dedicated to mostly GI Joe based dioramas. If action figures standing at attention in neat columns and toy helicopters hanging from wires is something you enjoy drop by JoeDios today.

Gettysburg: Day 2 – The Battle in Miniature by Dennis Morris

I do not have the skills or the patience for true miniature work. Sure I love them for tabletop gaming and for roleplaying, but I never had the true skill required to build the wonderful diorama-caliber miniatures you would find in a museum or history buff’s basement. Gettysburg: Day 2 – The Battle in Miniature by Dennis Morris is an amazing effort to capture the famous battle of the Civil War in miniature. What is truly amazing is that this was Morris’ first attempt at this. He continued the project and has posted even more of his work at Gettysburg Diographics. While his work on the newer site is of a higher quality overall, I think the Gettysburg: Day 2 project is more interesting to look at initially because it shows the the first project of an obviously talented Diorama maker.


Visit Gettysburg: Day 2 – The Battle in Miniature by Dennis Morris