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Retro vs Remake: Dig Dug vs. Mr. Driller

Dig Dug, the much loved 1982 arcade game by Namco has been ported, sequel-ed and remade a dozen times over. And why not? It’s a charming, addictive game, despite its age. Gameplay is pretty simple: drill your way around in … Continue reading

Saturday Supercade: Dig-Dug By Speedball0o

I’m not sure if they are intending on doing a reboot of the classic Dig-Dug video game series but if they are planning to do so they should probably contact speedball0o over at deviantART and use this awesome design as … Continue reading

Retroist Podcast – Episode 085 – Dig Dug

On today’s show we talk all about the video game classic, Dig Dug. I talk about the game’s creations, gameplay and its many variations and ports. Music throughout the show was provided by Peachy. The Dig Dug art you see … Continue reading

Parallel Thinking in the creation of Classic Games: Dig Dug and Mr. Do

MrNeilESQ posted a great look at the similarities of two games made by two companies at the same time. Two games that demonstrate that similar ideas can come to fruition without being ripoffs of one another. I found it very … Continue reading

Atari Dig Dug Commercial

As Atari commercials go, their is only one that can go head to head with the masterful Centipede ad. Its this epic one for Dig Dug. Wonderful advertising for a wonderful game.

Saturday Supercade: Dig Dug Is Sorry

I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw this wonderful illustration by Soks2626 over on his deviantART page. I mean looking at this piece of art, Dig Dug is just doing his job, doesn’t hold any malice for the Fygar … Continue reading

Friday Flyers: Dig Dug

It seemed fitting that since I posted the Music Video for Dig Dug a couple of days ago that we focus on the flyer for that classic game today. Not everyone may know that our beloved Dig Dug is the … Continue reading