I Am The Devil

Or at least, I was the Devil, back around 1983 at the age of 10.


Yes, that’s your truly again, this time ready to trick-or-treat my neighborhood disguised as Mr. Mephistopheles himself.

I don’t remember much about this costume other than I’m pretty sure the mask and rubber hands came from a garage sale. Over those red tights it would appear I’m wearing my red soccer shorts. And while many people mistakenly believe that the Devil wears Prada, in reality, he wears a red long-sleeved Izod under a homemade cape.

He also rocks a pretty sweet BMX bike, if I do say so myself.

The Cutest Ghost Ever: Me!

I would now like to share with you all what is, quite possibly, the cutest picture of me ever taken.


That’s me as the ghost on the left. My old neighbor Scott Chapman (Scott? Are you out there?) was the Devil on the right. This picture was taken in 1975. I was two years old.

My mother was/is a great seamstress and often made not only our Halloween costumes, but many of our clothes as well.