Blade Runner Poster By Lisatz!

Image courtesy of Lisatz and deviantART

Image courtesy of Lisatz and deviantART

Blade Runner is certainly one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies from the 80s as well as one of my top 5 Ridley Scott films to boot. Though I’m the odd man out that prefers the original theatrical release (The 1982 version with Noir-like narration) to the Director’s Cut. I do however love this movie poster design by Lisatz from her deviantART page showing an important scene from the Director’s preferred version of his film.

Terry Ververgaert’s “Everything Is Comin Up Millhouse!”

Image courtesy of Terry Ververgaert at deviantART

Image courtesy of Terry Ververgaert at deviantART

No fooling. I would totally buy an issue of Spider-Man off the comic stands if Marvel Comics would allow Terry Ververgaert to illustrate it using only Simpson characters.

A big thanks to Comics Alliance for the heads up on this wonderful artwork, make sure to follow the link provided up top to see the illustration in full size.

Can you name all of the Simpson characters and who they are portraying?

Shogun Warriors Sketch By Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

Image courtesy of Jose Johann Jaro

I’m not quite sure who has the rights to the Shogun Warriors these day…but I can tell you that they need to let Jose Johann Jaro take the reins for a new comic book series if this sketch card from his deviantART page is anything to go by.

I can vividly remember the Christmas morning in my youth when I opened up the boxes of the Great Mazinger and Dragun…as well as spending the next few hours of that morning firing projectiles at my Father…my Grandmother…our dog.

The comic shop in my neck of the woods actually has two of the Shogun Warriors for sale and they are really in great condition but the price for them is a little out of my reach at the moment.

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Plastic Playhouse Presents Masters Of The Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures!

Masters of the Universe - MUSCLES - Rick Dries
We here at the Retroist have pretty fond memories of the M.U.S.C.L.E. line of toys. If you find yourself unfamiliar with them make sure to click that link provided to Doug’s awesome post from a few years ago.

But check out these awesome retooled Masters of the Universe inspired M.U.S.C.L.E. figures! They come to us by the way of Rick Dries or Plastic Playhouse as he is known on his deviantART page.

Masters of the Universe - MUSCLE - Rick Dries

A huge thanks to Weirdo Toys for the heads up on this project.