Check Out This Back To The Future II Battery-Powered Car!

Back to the Future II holds some very vivid memories for me. I can certainly recall the excitement at my High School from my fellow students as the November 22 release date crept closer – although that also had a bit to do with the Thanksgiving vacation too.

Of course it didn’t help that Back to the Future II was heavily involved with all manner of cross promotional advertising and merchandising like with Pizza Hut. You know, the Solar Shades inspired by the movie?

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Some of the Pizza Hut ads for Back to the Future 2 didn’t even make those Solar Shades the main focus…I still want a pair of them though. Even back in 1989 I smiled at that girl’s comment about the two guys looking 80s – I think I knew somehow that fashion would never get better than that for me.

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What do I remember most about Back to the Future 2?

There are a couple of things that stood out as my Father and I were watching it on opening weekend:

  • Whoa! Jennifer from the first film has been replaced by Adventure In Babysitting’s Elisabeth Shue!
  • Things got quite a bit darker in Back to the Future Part II!
  • Our fellow audience members seemed none too pleased that the conclusion to the Back to the Future saga would be finished in a third film and set in the old west.

    When I say they were not pleased I mean many, many of them were booing as they walked out of the auditorium. For quite a while, at school especially it seemed like I was the lone defender of Back to the Future II but eventually it seemed like people’s attitude towards the film changed.

Didn’t you mention something about a Back to the Future II battery-powered car?

Yep. I was and still am a huge fan of the movie. Having said that – somehow the knowledge that Action Products released as a 1989 Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive – a battery-powered DeLorean escaped my attention.
Not that I was of the age category that could have driven it without breaking it. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have picked up that radio controlled car though!

I am absolutely astonished they added a Mr. Fusion!

I am absolutely astonished they added a Mr. Fusion!

These images by the way come courtesy of a 2010 post from io9 who seem to have obtained them from the always awesome Branded in the 80s site.

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Ready Player One

Love the 80s?  Enjoy science fiction? Then have I got a novel for you.   Ernest Cline has written a book with arguably the most 80s references ever compiled.  Set in the near future where humanity spends most of its time living in a more pleasant virtual reality, a contest by a super-billionaire invites players to test their retro knowledge.  The prize:  inheritance of his vast fortune.  Mr. Cline has jam-packed the fast-paced novel with facts about video games, music, movies and television.  I found it to be nonstop fun.  I’ll confess, I just wasn’t a fan of his earlier work – the movie Fanboys.  But here Mr. Cline hits all the right notes.  If you can read English (and if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you can) then do yourself a favor and check this book out.  Hurry – because the movie rights have been optioned, and we all know that books are better than their movie counterparts.  Well, aside from Star Wars.    Oh, and if you happen to Google Mr. Cline, be sure to check out his sweet ride – a DeLorean outfitted like Ecto1.  This guy knows his retro entertainment.

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