Dancing Snack People Signs

Do you, like me, consider your kitchen just a giant snack bar that fuels your tiny, but respectable home arcade and movie theater? Well if so, it is time to get the appropriate signage that says to all who visit, this way to delicious snacks. Order dozens of these guys and assemble a snack person army. They will stand vigil over your delicious treats and fight against the evil hungrys that seeks to distract your from your movies and video games. How can you resist these guys, they are adorable…

Get Yourself Some Dancing Snack Signs

USB Powered Pumpkin Lights

How will you decorate your cubicle this Halloween? The same old cardboard ghost? The festive candy bowl? Maybes it’s time to take things up a notch and add a little USB powered lighting to your 36th of an acre. If you think so, brando.com has you covered with these very cool USB Halloween Pumpkin Decor Lights. You get 8 lights that will be the star of any cubicle decoration contest or office Halloween party. Check out the photos and pick up yours today.