Devastator VS The Dinobots By Livio Ramondelli!

We’ve featured the wonderful artwork of Livio Ramondelli before on the site with his illustration of the feared Decepticon leader, Megatron. Now we have this glorious illustration featuring the Constructicons merged into the deadly Devastator in an epic battle against the Dinobots!

Sludge is getting the brunt of that attack. Ouch! Make sure to follow that link up top to see even more awesome artwork by Livio Ramondelli on his site.

Megatron vs. Cy-Kill by Sean Hartter

Why live in a fantasy world where you just attempt to visualize what it would look like if the evil leaders of two of your favorite evil transforming robots faced off in a battle to the death? The stakes? Everything! It’s Cy-Kill vs. Megatron in the battle royale we have all been waiting for courtesy of Sean Hartter.

You can find more of Sean’s work at his website and look for more of his work to appear here on the Retroist regularly.