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Retro Records: Plastic Man – The Invasion Of The Plastic Men (1975)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Retro Records. This week we are listening to a 1975 Power Records story featuring none other than Plastic Man! If you think that giving the likes of Ol’ Plaz his own record is a kooky idea then check out who was featured on the B side – none other than Metamorpho: The Element Man!

Of course considering that Plastic Man, that criminal turned malleable and wacky hero was given his own Saturday morning cartoon series four years later starting in 1979 and lasting until 1981 – maybe I was just too young to realize how popular he was back in the day in the then current DC Comics line of books?

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Our story today is entitled “The Invasion of the Plastic Men” and finds Plastic Man being falsely accused for returning to a life of crime when numerous citizens began to report they are eyewitnesses to Plaz stealing countless valuables. The question is can Plastic Man clear his name of these heinous deeds? Let’s find out together on Retro Records!

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Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders - DC Comics - Warner Bros.

Are You Well Prepared For Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders?!

Holy Cow! Talk about some news that will get most retro fans snapping their fingers in anticipation – DC Comics and Warner Bros. are releasing Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader later this year! It is an animated feature that is set in the groovy Batman ’66 universe and most importantly of all it features the return of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar lending their vocal talents to the characters of Batman, Robin, and Catwoman – roles they helped make a household name back in the day.

Batman - Return of the Caped Crusaders

While there isn’t an awful lot of information right now – thanks to this teaser trailer released yesterday we do know that the Dynamic Duo will not just be protecting the citizens of Gotham City in this feature film but also venturing into outer space. It will be available digitally starting on October 11…and I will definitely be picking it up and giving you a review…and on DVD and Blu-ray starting on November 1st.

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Swamp Thing - Video Comics

Do You Remember Nickelodeon’s Video Comics Featuring…Swamp Thing?!

Okay, I have to admit that the 1979 to 1981 show on Nickelodeon entitled Video Comics or as it was sometimes called Video Comic Book is a program that I absolutely 100% have no recollection of…and considering how huge of a comic book fan I have always been I believe I would have remembered seeing this promo.

I suppose it was quite possible that in my neck of the woods we didn’t get Nickelodeon as part of basic cable until after this show had finished it’s run…or for some strange reason I was watching something else when it aired. Whatever the reason I am so glad that TV Guy 1979 uploaded these vintage pieces of Nickelodeon’s past.
Swamp Thing - Nickelodeon - Video Comics
Video Comics actually began on Columbus Alive! on a cable television service called QUBE before making it’s way to Nickelodeon. I guess you would call the show an early version of motion comics with a narrator who read the comic itself while viewers would get a pan and scan view of the comic panels with also sound effects and additional voice acting by William Hamilton, Charles Pickard, and Diane Disque.
Swamp Thing - Video Comics - Nickelodeon
It seems that besides Swamp Thing there were episode featuring his fellow DC Comics’ heroes like Green Lantern, The Flash, Adam Strange and even The Atom. So whether you remember this awesome TV show from back in the day or like myself it is your first experience with Video Comics, I hope you can take the time and enjoy watching Swamp Thing in Dark Genesis!

Batman vs Velociraptor - Jesse Farrell

The mixed up world of Ultra, the multi alien

Comics were a strange place in the 1960’s, just about any idea was green lit regardless of how strange it might be or how ludicrous the concept was. Case in point, Ultra the multi alien.

Arriving on the scene in DC Comics anthology series Mystery in Space #103 in November of 1965. The story told of an unspecified future where mankind traveled easily between worlds, pilot Ace Arn on a routine tourist transport trip to Jupiter finds his ship caught in the magnetic field of a passing comet. He safely evacuates the passengers but himself unable to escape finds his ship crashed into a large asteroid. Arn survives and find the asteroid is artificial and the home base of evil scientific genius criminal Zorba. The asteroid is part of a small solar system consisting of the plants Ulla, Laroo, Trago and Raagan and a representative of each world serves as a member of Zorba’s gang.

Arn finds that Zorba had invented a gun that transforms whomever it shoots into the same race as the shooter and that Zorba had armed each of his underlings with guns to blackmail their worlds. However shortly before Arn arrived Zorba had perished in a lab accident triggering a race between the four underling to get to the base and claim the blackmail plans. As Arn emerges from Zorba’s lab he is shot by all four gang members at the same instant. The blast changes Arn’s body into a freakish composite of the four alien races.

His right upper body becoming shaggy and green and possessing the superhuman strength equal to several humans, Hi left upper body became blue and hairless with the ability to control magnetic fields, his left lower body grew birdlike with a tiny ankle wing (similar to Namor) bestowing him with the power of flight and his right lower body became living lightning allowing him to fire energy bolts. Arn used his new found powers to easily defeat the gang and repair his ship. On his way home he decided to continue fighting crime under the name ULTRA, combining the first letter of names of each world and his own name.

Ultra would battle various enemies on Earth and in space including the Pied Piper of Space and Dr Dynamo, but he also continuously sought a cure for his freakish appearance. He eventually created a device called a “Hyper Converter Belt” which allowed him to transform from Ultra to Ace Arn at will. Arn returned to his hometown of Dalesville and his fiance Bonnie Denton where he lived while fighting crime as Ultra.

The series Mystery in Space ended with issue #110 and with it went Ultra.

Many years later Ultra would appear in small cameos throughout DC books including Starman #55 where he appeared in the cab of fellow 60’s odd ball character Space Cabby. And then most notably in Superman/Batman #31 where a much more exaggerated version of Ultra is part of a group of alien and half alien heroes mind controlled by the villain Despero to destroy the Earth, In the story, Ultra destroys present day Dalesville before joining Supergirl in the final battle. He then appeared as an angst riddled version of himself in the one shot Strange Adventures 2011 book from DC His appearance on an episode of Batman:The Brave and the Bold fighting alongside the Green Lanterns was his first and hopefully not last animated appearance.

Hopefully DC will see fit to add Ultra to their DC Direct line like fellow odd ball character OMAC, if they do I will happily hand over my money to show my love for this odd ball character.

Castlevania - Simon Belmont - Robert Q. Atkins

If Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess

Talented artist Bill Walko created this truly awesome artwork depicting our beloved Princess Diana as a Disney Princess.

I guess that we all agree that she’s a Princess who doesn’t need to be saved. It’s amazing how she managed to keep her dress in one piece, I guess there’s some Themysciran magic under that. Anyway, we can always expect Wonder Woman to kick some bu… err… behinds! End of line.