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Batman VS. Velociraptor!

Well, this sculpture by Jesse Farrell combines two of the most awesome things on the planet. Velociraptors and Batman. [Photos Via JF Sculpts and Tony Martin] I would say we never will see this type of cross-over in a DC … Continue reading

The mixed up world of Ultra, the multi alien

Comics were a strange place in the 1960’s, just about any idea was green lit regardless of how strange it might be or how ludicrous the concept was. Case in point, Ultra the multi alien. Arriving on the scene in … Continue reading

Simon Belmont Artwork By Robert Q. Atkins!

With this wonderful artwork it’s proven that in the Castlevania universe Simon can whip any problems that happen to rise up… [Via] Robert Q. Atkins over on deviantART! Make sure to follow the link above to see more of Robert’s … Continue reading

If Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess

Talented artist Bill Walko created this truly awesome artwork depicting our beloved Princess Diana as a Disney Princess. I guess that we all agree that she’s a Princess who doesn’t need to be saved. It’s amazing how she managed to … Continue reading

Bioshock Infinite Artwork By Alex Garner

My love for the time period that the Bioshock games are set in is pretty evident since I write for the Retroist. With this latest incarnation, Bioshock Infinite, we have a setting that is not under the waves in Andrew … Continue reading

Doom Patrol By The Mirrorball Man!

The Mirrorball Man over at deviantART has done something wonderful with this piece of artwork depicting the DC Comics team, The Doom Patrol. He’s meshed them with Mike Mignola’s (Hellboy) art style and I believe you’ll agree it looks fantastic. … Continue reading

Dynamite Entertainment Announces New Shadow Comic Book Series!

Dynamite Entertainment has been very kind over the years to us fans of Retro and Pulp comic book characters. They continue to publish the sequential art exploits of Zorro, Flash Gordon, John Carter of Mars, Buck Rogers, the Green Hornet, … Continue reading