Masters Of The Universe Meets Cormac McCarthy By Dax Delap!

Have you ever wondered how Cormac McCarthy might pen a comic book issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? Thanks to longtime Retroist Regular, Dax, we now know the answer.

It’s a tongue in cheek look at when the strongest man in Eternia has a bad day…a very bad day.

[Via] Dax’s Tumblr Blog

I shot a quick e-mail to have the artist explain his reasoning for this particular illustration and he was kind enough to reply:

“Considering how powerful He-Man was supposed to be (I think there’s an episode of the classic cartoon where he picks up Castle Greyskull), I thought it would be funny to imagine what would happen if he decided to stop pulling his punches and wipe out all his foes at once. And then I started to imagine what it would be like for my He-Man to find himself in an existential crisis after that’s done and there’s no one left to contend with.”

Make sure to check out Dax’s blog for more illustrations…everything from General William Tecumseh Sherman to a Zando-Zan from the Last Starfighter!

The Creature From The Black Lagoon By Dax Delap!

I’ve posted artwork before from the blog of a regular visitor to the site, Dax Delap of I am Biggest. This month he has turned his artistic talents to that of classic horror film characters…like the Creature From The Black Lagoon!

There are many of us here who visit the Retroist site that hold a soft spot in their hearts for the Creature, probably so because when you get down to it his home is being invaded by a bunch of jerk scientists (Actually only one of them is a jerk) and at the end of the day all he wants is to spend time with the beautiful Julie Adams!

Can you blame him?! A big thanks to the awesome The Signal Watch blog for the photo above, and make sure to follow Dax’s link up top to see more of his artwork…like all of the Doctor’s from the Doctor Who series!

Pac-Man Art By Bunka

Thanks to loyal reader, Dax, for the heads up on this impressive bit of Pac-Man art over on the excellent The Autumn Society! From their main page: “The Autumn Society is a collective of Illustrators from around the world. From art galleries, art books, to fundraisers, the Autumn Society will rise to any creative need or challenge….”

The Autumn Society is hosting 8-Bit Champions, the link will take you to their Facebook site, the art exhibit will be held in Paris, France from September 15th through October 15th at la Flaq, 36, rue Quincampoix. Just in case any of you readers happen to be of the Jet set crowd, make sure to take many photos and send them to us!

This is a preview from Bunka of a certain favorite video game icon.

Rocketeer CGI Animated Short!

An incredibly huge thanks to Retroist follower, Dax, for sending me this link from the Nerdist site. It appears that Digital Banana Studios, a French animation studio, has gone and made a CGI animated short featuring Dave Stevens’s iconic Rocketeer comic character, in a very respectful and humorous way, as well as celebrating the Disney film’s 20th Anniversary. Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist believes this is also an DIY TV pitch to Disney…looking at how they’ve handled this short…please let them have a shot! Please!

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.