Threadless Is Flying High With The Rocketeer!

I’m pretty sure that if you are a frequent visitor to the Retroist you know by now how much the late great Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer means to me. I believe I have helped to contribute a large number of the 40+ posts on the site featuring that iconic character.

The Rocketeer - Dave Stevens

Well having said all of that of being such a fan…somehow it escaped my attention that Threadless was holding a contest, asking artists to submit designs for new Rocketeer T-Shirts. The submission entry deadline has already passed but you can still help choose which designs make the grade by following any of the links provided in this post.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite designs. Starting with Frenchwookie’s “Rocketeer To The Rescue!”.

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

“Rocket’s Red Glare” by Ninjaink.

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

“Fly High” by mathiole.

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

“Test Flight” by DannE-B.

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

Image courtesy of Threadless.Com

Now there are 73 other designs you can vote on right this second, so hop on over to Threadless and do your part to ensure that we fans can find new ways to show off our love of The Rocketeer!

1990 WFMY News Clip with Brad Jones Featuring Al Williamson, George Evans, and Dave Stevens.

With the announcement today by the Retroist of the Blu-Ray release of the Rocketeer, it seemed the perfect time to share this interview with it’s legendary creator Dave Stevens as well as the equally legendary illustrators Al Williamson and George Evans. This news clip comes from a 1990 story by Brad Jones who was covering a comic book convention that was sponsored by Parts Unknown – The Comic Book Store, which is located in Greensboro, NC.

Thanks to Tvp33 over on YouTube for uploading this story.

Rocketeer CGI Animated Short!

An incredibly huge thanks to Retroist follower, Dax, for sending me this link from the Nerdist site. It appears that Digital Banana Studios, a French animation studio, has gone and made a CGI animated short featuring Dave Stevens’s iconic Rocketeer comic character, in a very respectful and humorous way, as well as celebrating the Disney film’s 20th Anniversary. Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist believes this is also an DIY TV pitch to Disney…looking at how they’ve handled this short…please let them have a shot! Please!

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

Rocketeer Adventures #4

I’ve stated before how much of a fan I am of the late great Dave Stevens’s iconic Rocketeer. I picked up the original collection of stories one lazy Saturday morning at my local comic shop and thanks to sharing my Father’s love of the Republic Serials, in particular Commando Cody and the Radar Men from the Moon…I felt right at home as soon as I opened the graphic novel.

IDW has already released the first issue for the Rocketeer Adventures, allowing different creative teams to honor Dave Stevens and his creation and if you also are a fan you should definitely seek it out!

Thanks to Kitty’s Pryde for sharing this upcoming cover by Alex Ross for the 4th issue in the limited series.