Teaching your kid to tell the time with Dave Allen

Dave Allen

I grew up heavily influenced by the comedy enjoyed by my father. As I reached 14, he introduced me to the joys of veteran comedian Dave Allen and the thrills of stand-up.

Until then I was mostly enjoying Monty Python’s surreal comedy and the many sitcoms to be found on British TV but I hadn’t really seen any stand-up before and Dave Allen was a fantastic introduction! Here he is teaching his child to read a clock.


I would later learn that his particular brand of comedy is referred to as ‘alternative’, a phrase I’ve never really understood when it comes to categorizing comedy. Another of my favourite sketches from the Irish man is this Adam and Eve story.

As ever, the wonderful world of Youtube means you can find hundreds of videos from the great man so if you’re still laughing about the first video, you should definitely go and hunt down some more clips!