Ghostbusters – Scoleri Bros. By TraditionalDanimatio!

A big thanks to TraditionalDanimatio or Dapper Dan as he is better known over on deviantART for this awesome illustration of those quite memorable violent spirits, the Scorleri Brothers, in the courtroom scene from Ghostbuster 2!

From Dapper Dan’s deviant page: “Nunzio Scoleri and Tony Scoleri, better known as the Scoleri Brothers, were convicted murderers sentenced to death by electrocution by Judge Stephen “The Hammer” Wexler in 1948 at Ossining Prison. They came back as electrical ghosts in 1989, brought forth from the spirit realm by negatively-charged mood slime in Judge Wexler’s courtroom.”

You can see more of Dapper Dan’s artwork not only on his deviantART page but in the monthly IDW Ghostbusters comic on store shelves now, where he is head artist. Thanks to GhostbustersDotNet for uploading this moment from the film on YouTube!

SamHain By Dapper Dan

One of my absolute favorite characters from the Real Ghostbusters series had to be the very personification of Halloween, SamHain. How can you fault a spirit that wants to make sure Halloween never ends? So a big thanks goes out to that incredible Dapper Dan from over at deviantART for this very nice illustration!

Remember that Dapper Dan is the artist on the upcoming IDW Ghostbusters comic book due to hit shelves in September!