Goonies’ Star Sean Astin Apologizes to Cyndi Lauper

I have always liked how Sean Astin doesn’t run away from the great work he did as a kid. Maybe that is because he has been successful as an adult? Well no matter why, it is nice to see him talking about The Goonies. In this clip he apologizes for the low energy he and his fellow cast members had during the filming of the music video for The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough. This day is turning into Sean Astin Wednesday.

1988 Cyndi Lauper Classic “Vibes” out on DVD


Cyndi Lauper fans rejoice. The wait is finally over. The 1988 Cyndi Lauper/Jeff Goldblum psychic comedy “Vibes” is out on DVD. The movie is a must-see for 80s comedy completists. Lauper and Goldblum play a pair of New York Psychics who are hired by my buddy Peter Falk (yes I have met the man) to help find his lost son in South America. Of course the whole thing is a trick and they are really searching for lost treasure (you ask why I love the 1980s). Needless to say, wacky psychic hijinks ensue. It certainly is not the best 80s movie, but Lauper is remarkably charming and Falk and Goldblum anchor down a weak script to make it a pleasant Sunday afternoon diversion. So put it on the Netflix or do us all a favor and pick up a copy at Amazon.

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