Scooby Doo – The Ghost of Elias Kingston Custom Action Figure

Custom action figures rarely surprise me — Usually they are either GI Joe or Star Wars related. Which is cool, but I like to be surprised, so I was very happy to find this custom Scooby Doo The Ghost of Elias Kingston Action Figure over at Figure Realm the other day. The custom by loosecollector measures 6 inches tall and is stunning to behold.

Ghost of Elias Kingston Custom Action Figure [@] Figure Realm

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Freddy Krueger Custom GI Joe Figure

I like when people think outside the blister pack on Custom GI Joe Action figures. Do I need a Freddy Krueger custom Joe in my collection? Not right now, but what if Dr. Mindbender concocted a plot that allowed dream assassinations. Then something horrible happens in the experiment and a nightmare from one of his experiments enters the real world and joins Cobra.

Okay, NOW I need a Freddy Krueger custom.

This one, which was posted by Tim 121RVC on Joe Customs, will do just fine.


More pics and the “recipe” for GI Joe Freddy Krueger [@] JoeCustoms

Captain America’s Nemesis, The Red Skull as a Custom GI Joe Action Figure

I am a big Captain American fan and I am looking forward to seeing what toys they come up with for the upcoming film. If their Skull looks anything like this, they have a sale on their hands. This custom figure GI Joe crossover figure has been attempted by others, but I like this version by sgcaper the best.


[more] JoeCustoms