Steampunk Abraham Lincoln Custom Action Figure

This sweet steampunk Lincoln was put together by JoeCustoms member, DanOfTheDead, because he is a big fan of the alt history of Jin Saotome’s alt history figures. This custom action figure is comprised of parts from Wolverine Movie’s Sabertooth ,Indiana Jones’ Henry Jones Sr., and Golden Compass’ Lee Scoresby. Can you see which parts are from which other figures? See that full rundown at JoeCustoms.

steampunk lincoln

Twilight Zone Custom Rod Serling Action Figure

Some actions figures just cry out to be mass produced. Such is the case of this amazing custom Rod Serling action figure put together by toy collector Michael Crawford. The piece started with just a well made custom head, but as you can see from this pic, and their are many more at the site, that if you add a body from a certain X-Files figure and a good paint job, the end result is pretty amazing.

rod serling figure

Twilight Zone Custom Rod Serling Action Figure [via]Boing Boing