Lego Cthulhu by ((Primus))!

There are many things I hope for in this coming New Year but having a Lego Cthulhu rise up to usher in the end of humanity is not one of them!

A big thanks to ((Primus)) for posting this wonderful creation over on Flickr for all of us to enjoy. Really a fantastic creation.

I’m not sure that H.P. Lovecraft had this in mind when he concocted his Elder Gods Mythos but I think we fans of his work certainly don’t mind it.

Santa Cthulhu Comes to Town By Dr. Chrissy!

Okay. If you are woken to this in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow…something has gone horribly wrong.

A big thanks to Dr. Chrissy over at deviantART for this humorous illustration! She has this to share about her artwork:

“You’d better not pout!
You’d better not cry!
You’d better not shout!
….err…on second thought, maybe you should.

This is dedicated to my sweetie and husband, Greg, who is the World Champion of the collectible card game, “Call of Cthulhu”. Considering his achievements in the game (and the fact that we had two plushie Cthulhus dressed as bride and groom at our wedding), it has been a banner year for the influence of Cthulhu in our lives.”

Really, H.P. Lovecraft is a good read all year…not just around the month of December.

easter cthulhu

Carethulhu Figures

Do you love the concept of Care Bears, but the whole fluffy plushy bear thing just isn’t for you? Do you prefer your caring with a side of cosmic madness? Well turn you cold insane eyes towards these lovable Carethulhu figures by Ukhsud. Each Carethulhu stands less than 2 inches tall and has a metal loop on their heads for hanging them from the ceiling or ceremonial alter.

My favorite is Blue Carethulhu. Why? Because Blue Carethulhu cares about flowers and the environment and because he does, I don’t have to.

Blue Carethulhu