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More Tales From The Crypt PC Game Info Exhumed!

Hey there, friends. Back in April we shared some exciting bit of news from Jonathan of CryptTube. He had in fact discovered that in the 90’s, HBO had planned on releasing a CryptKeeper game. Or an interactive Tales from the Crypt PC game. Considering how popular the series had become, it is little wonder Home Box Office decided to go this route. However while the Tales from the Crypt PC title wasn’t released, there is plenty of info left to exhume!

Remember that while the HBO Tales from the Crypt series was obviously mature. The truth of the matter is that the CryptKeeper himself was incredibly charming. Thanks in no small part to the voice talent of John Kassir. So much so of course there were two animated series featuring the CryptKeeper in the early 90’s. To say nothing of the face our favorite horror host had his own game show!

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So as I was just saying a second ago. Jonathan, who is indeed a huge Tales from the Crypt fan, found out about this proposed PC title. He was even able to make contact with one of the head artists for the Tales from the Crypt PC game. Who was kind enough to send him artwork from the unreleased video game.
Tales from the Crypt PC Game - Mike Voz

Which was Mike Vosburg. The same guy who was responsible for making nearly all of the comic covers in the HBO show.
Tales from the Crypt PC Game - Voz - The Ventriloquist's Dummy

However it appears that there is even more info out there on the game. Which Jonathan was able to uncover and share on his YouTube page. For example the title would have in fact been akin to an interactive comic book. With the players attempting to make it through three different stories entitled The Works in the Wax, High Tide and Big Top Terror. In addition the Players would take on the role of an comics illustrator who goes by the moniker of Killyjoy.
Tales from the Crypt PC Game - Killjoy

Jonathan was also able to interview Russell Lees, a writer for Inscape at the time. Which was of course the company who was developing the Tales from the Crypt PC game. Where we learn some interesting information such as different stories would feature different artists. One of those artists was Al Columbia whose artwork for the game would be included in the anthology comic series Zero Zero!

More importantly, Jonathan was able to secure a demo CD of Inscape titles. While not offering a playable version of the title. It does however provide the opening cinematic to the game!
Tales from the Crypt PC Game - Assassin 2015 Demo Game

Ready to learn more about the Tales from the Crypt PC game?

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CryptKeeper - Tales from the Crypt Pinball

HBO Almost Released A CryptKeeper Video Game?

In point of fact, it wasn’t just the CryptKeeper but HBO’s Tales from the Crypt that was intended to be made a game. This was certainly news to me when I saw the announcement on Bloody Disgusting the other day. Although having said that, the popularity of the CryptKeeper and the show he hosted was pretty far-spread, right?

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Beyond talking dolls and a hit television series on HBO, the CryptKeeper had a line of toys. Based on a rather surprising choice for Saturday morning animation fare. 1993’s Tales from the CryptKeeper featured every boils and ghouls favorite host. Introducing horror tales that were lighter on the scares and heavier on the moral lesson.
CryptKeeper - Tales from the CryptKeeper toy

Many of the best monsters of that first season, were given the toy treatment.
CryptKeeper - Tales from the CryptKeeper - Blister Card

Furthermore Tales from the Crypt and naturally the CryptKeeper were given their own pinball machine in 1993. One that I have had the pleasure of playing a couple of times, definitely a nice table.

Now I do indeed consider myself a fan of Tales from the Crypt. It started with my love of the original EC Comics reprints and it was loathe, I mean love, at first sight when I caught the TV series. They really caught lightning in a bottle with their version of the CryptKeeper. Helped immensley of course by the voice work of John Kassir, who in 1992 was also voicing Buster Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures!

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As I just said, I do consider myself a big fan of Tales from the Crypt. However I cannot hold a candle to the love that Jonathan of CryptTube has for the series. In addition he is responsible for finding out that in ’95 or ’96, a Tales from the Crypt computer game was in the works.
CryptKeeper - Video Game

Jonathan went so far as to contact the head artist from the video game. Which was none other than Mike Vosburg. The very same artist who provided the artwork we see in the CryptKeeper’s tome!
CryptKeeper - Tales from the Crypt - HBO - Mike Voz

Mike was even kind enough to send to Jonathan his storyboard panels for the cancelled game.
CryptKeeper - Mike Voz - Panels

After viewing CryptTube’s video, it definitely looks like we were in for something special. It appears that our favorite host of horror and terror tales would introduce each segment of the game. Each featuring a different Tales from the Crypt story or of course.I was certainly surprised to see that, at least in the storyboards, the Old Witch and VaultKeeper were intended to appear. I can’t help but think it would play into the rivalry between the two characters and the host.
CryptKeeper - Mike Voz - Video Game Panels

Sit back and enjoy looking at how close we came to a video game starring the CryptKeeper!

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You know, the Projectionist and myself have talked about Tales from the Crypt and the CryptKeeper. Once or twice on the Saturday Frights podcast…just saying.

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Tales from the Crypt Pinball Machine

Released in 1993 by Data East, the Tales from the Crypt pinball table supported four players and had not only a headstone that moved up and down, but a plunger with the Cryptkeeper’s head on the end of it. I have always enjoyed the comic book-style artwork on this table’s cabinet.

Thanks to the Internet Pinball Database for the flyer and papatab777 for the YouTube video.