Crisco TV Commercial featuring the Atari 2600 (1983)

When frying chicken for your family it is important to never stop to play video games for an hour and leave your chicken floating in a pool of oil the entire time. But if you must insist on this behavior, make sure you are using Crisco oil. Because only Crisco defies all scientifically formulated cooking chicken laws (consult package for actual chicken laws).

Why does Crisco digest easily? Its pure, sweet taste will tell you…

Is your smoky smelly cooking fat gumming you your digestive track and giving you a case of the “deep-frying bugaboos”? Well according to this ad from 1932, using Crisco will solve all your problems? I mean c’mon ladies, it is time to get on the ball. 75% of french fried potato orders are made by men (a startling statistic) and if you want to make your man’s eyes light up the way they do when he orders a steak with french fried potatoes at a restaurant, you better get Crisco or get lost.

why does crisco

Looking at this ad, it just occurred to me that I have never had a fried banana. Time to crack open the Crisco!