Burger King Universal Monster Figures

We’ve all gotten some great premiums in Happy Meals and other fast food kids’ dinners. Definitely in the running for the greatest premiums of all time, though, are the Burger King Universal Monster action figures.

Burger King was giving these gems away in 1997. They were 3.75 inches high (the proper height of an action figure, as we all know), had those Star Wars holes in the feet so they could be stood on those Star Wars pegs, had articulated heads and limbs, and came with little settings. The Wolf Man had a cellar he rose out of, Dracula a coffin, and Frankenstein’s Monster a lab table. I don’t know what set the Creature came with, but I doubt it was a lagoon.

These figures are really great, especially considering they were give-away toys, and you can still get them on Ebay, even unopened, fairly cheaply today.


Furry Critter Hand Puppet

I don’t know the specific name of this puppet. I got him for Christmas one year when I was a kid, probably around 1980 or so.

The “illusion” is that the owner (wearing a white garden glove) is holding a small, furry critter. The secret is that the white glove is actually stuffed and sewn to the top of the critter’s head, while the owner’s hand is actually inside the critter. The illusion is pretty convincing, and I remember tricking a few of my friends into thinking, at least for a moment, that I was actually holding some sort of crawling critter.

Occasionally people would incorrectly guess that the critter’s legs were motorized. Sometimes I would try on purpose to make the movements look jerky. About the time they guessed it was robotic I would make the critter leap toward them. Got ’em, every time.

I found this guy in a box labeled “puppets” out in my garage while doing some spring (fall) cleaning. Sadly, it appears my hand will no longer fit inside. Time to pass this one along to the next generation.