How to Make your own Slime at Home

I bookmarked this video last year with plans to make this magical substance at Halloween, but somehow the link got buried and lost. I found it last night and I am very excited for this to be my weekend project. If everything works out like in the video, I will be re-enacting my favorite scenes from both Ghostbusters and You Can’t Do that on Television with a little bit more authenticity from now on.

How to Build Cereal Box Monsters

One thing I always have laying around is cereal boxes. So I was very intrigued by this article from She Knows Halloween, that lets you take and cereal box and turn it into a fun decoration. It is a must-do for all you craft fiends and it will add a very retro DIY vibe to your Halloween this year. Check out the results.

Pretty cool huh? Well you can see a step by step guide at: Cereal Box Monsters [@] She Knows Halloween