cube costume

How to build a Rubik’s Cube Costume

Ever since Doug posted about his conquering the cube, I have been thinking about mine a lot, and with Halloween approaching I figured why not put the two together. Yesterday, I posted a Pac-Man costume pic, today I found a whole “how-to” guide to making a Rubik’s Cube Costume. The end result is very impressive.

cube costume

To see more pics and a guide on how to build this work of genius, drop by How to build a Rubiks Cube Costume on Flickr.

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Pac-Man Halloween Costume

One of the Halloween costumes I always dream about is Pac-Man. The only problem is, to pull it off properly I think it would need to be a pretty big costume, which would make hauling it around difficult. Although it would be great for Trick or Treating, you could just have them throw treats in a hollowed out lower mouth compartment and you could chow down inside.

Anyway, Edward Miller is living the dream with his Pac-Man costume. Although I am not sure why he is about to eat his car. Unless it is a Ghost car…

More pics of the Pac-Man Costume [via] Edward Miller