Awesome Costumes from 1980 Westercon

These photos speak for themselves, so all I will add is that I would have loved hanging with these people. They are true pioneer fanboys and fangirls.

[via] The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society [via] BoingBoing

(By the way, there is a Mike Jittlov spotting in these photos. I plan on doing a post about him – he’s an amazing filmmaker and animator.)

The Retroist is Going to Wizard World/Chicago Comic-Con

ww chicago comic con

I am all registered and ready to go to next week’s Wizard World/Chicago Comic-Con. I will be blogging, twittering and pretty much geeking out. Will I be there the whole weekend? Oh yes, and look forward to seeing all of you there. So what are you waiting for? Go buy your tickets and tell me when you are going to be there.

Wizard World/Chicago Comic-Con Tickets