Condorman By Francesco Francavilla!

I’ve posted more than a few fine pieces of artwork by famed sequential art illustrator Francesco Francavilla of the Pulp Sunday Blog and frequent contributor to the Comic Twart site. Apparently just before Christmas the subject of the art challenge was Walt Disney’s cult favorite Condorman!

Francesco has this to say about the artwork: “The feather costume was so campy that I decided to challange myself and try to make it look cool. Hope I succeded but you decide :)”

The Return of Condorman in the Toy Story Short “Small Fry”


There are lots of great reasons to see the new Muppet movie in theaters now, including “Small Fry” a new Toy Story short that preceeds the film.   I found that I laughed more during “Small Fry” than I do in most feature length comedies.   But, for me, the best part was that “Small Fry” includes a toy based on the movie “Condorman” – a largely forgotten Disney film from 1981.  Condorman starred Michael Crawford as a cartoonist turned into a bumbling superhero.  I was introduced to Condorman via a novelization I picked up at grade school long before I got around to seeing the actual film.  DVDs of Condorman are hard to come by – but it is available on Amazon’s Video on Demand service.   Do yourself a favor and check it out.  There are precious few of us Condorfans out there, and I could use some company.