Turn around Look at what you see…It’s some Cool Concept Art

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Talented artist Nicolas Francoeur, a Senior Concept Artist at Eidos Montreal, has come up with an exciting take on the characters from the classic film The Never Ending Story (Spoiler Alert: It does) that really strikes a chord with the ol’ Ouija Board Kid as he casts everything in a darker tone. To see the rest o’ the gang head here…now if only he’d do an updated take on Limahl…

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3D Pixels Ms. Pac Man

This 3D version of Ms. Pac Man was put together by Justin Buonvino. It manages to combine my love of Pac Man with my love of things that look like they were put together out of LEGO. I would like to say I wish they would make a Ms. Pac Man that played like this, but I would probably be horrible at it from this view. So I say keep it 2D and let me enjoy it as concept art.


Atari Computer Concept Art

Fans of concept art rejoice! ISO50 has posted some amazing Atari computer concept art (most of them are originally from the website colorcubic). I would have bought just about anyone of these products if Atari has put them out in their concept forms (okay maybe not the mainframe looking one) and probably still would today.


Atari Computer Concept Art [@] ISO50 [via] colorcubic