The State of the Art Amiga

State of the Art

Previously on The Retroist, I wrote about my love of the Amiga mega demo, and specifically about one particular demo – The Kefrens’s Desert Dream. That demo was a defining moment in the life of my Amiga 500, but it wasn’t the demo that introduced me to the demo scene world.

The first demo that really rocked my world was State of the Art by Spaceballs in 1992:

Compared to other demos at the time, this was a bit of a one-trick pony, but when that trick looked and sounded so good, it was little wonder that it won the competition that it was entered into.

commodore 64

From Blighty with love: Last days of a Commodore factory.

I wanted to post this video earlier but I lost the link. But now I have found it again and I want to present you with a unique view of the end of a giant.


Dave Haynie takes us for a look round one of the Amiga production facilities in West Chester, PA. The site closed in April of 1994. It’s a stark and saddening tour of what would have been a busy hub of Commodore.

The Commodore Amiga Sidecar

The Commodore A1060 Sidecar was an expansion hardware device developed by Commodore and released in 1986 for the Commodore Amiga 1000 computer. It would feature a complete PC XT system mounted in an expansion case which connected to the expansion bus on the right side (like a sidecar) of the Amiga 1000 computer.

The Sidecar was built around an Intel 8088 processor. The Sidecar was available with a hard drive, the first produced by Commodore for the Amiga, it was accessible from both the MS-DOS and AmigaOS environments.