A Sight for Sore Eyes… Welcome to Quantum Link

In my evenings I have been working at getting my Commodore Computers in working order. My 128 has been temperamental and that L key is hanging on by a thread, but this afternoon I fired it up again for the first time and put in a disc to see if it works. Right off the bat…Welcome to Q-Link right back on my desk yet again. Just like old times. Next up…Defender of the Crown!

quantum link

Look out IBM and Apple..it’s Commodore!

I loved my Commodore 128 and I so agreed with this article back in the day. I guess I was like the Commodore equivalent of a current day Apple snob. I thought that anyone who bought another computer was a fool.

I need to brush off the ol’ 128 and see if it still works sometime soon. At some point in the 1990s it spent 2 years in a basement so I have my doubts, but who knows.

bad news ibm and apple