“Gimme a cheese wit’ nuttin'” “Nuttin’??” (Polly-O String Cheese Ad)

Thanks to Polly-O, I can never hear the certain words — “Cheese,” “Nuttin'” and more — without thinking of their String Cheese and a certain “cheesy” 1980’s television ad (posted below).

The dialogue is near-genius in its simplicity:

Boy (blond “punk” in leather jacket): Hey Fred, give me a pizza with extra cheese!
Fred (standard issue Italian pizzeria counter guy): Extra cheese…
Boy: And hold the tomato sauce.
Fred: Hold the tomato sauce?
Boy: And hold the crust.
Fred: Hold the crust? (turns to standard issue pizzeria guy 2) Hey Jimmy, gimme a cheese wit’ nuttin’!
Jimmy: (dough in hand, very confused look) Nuttin..?

The voiceover guy then introduces the “all natural, individually-wrapped cheese snacks” also known as “The best part of the pizza without the pizza.” String cheese quickly became the cooler-than-those-wax-encased-wedges-way of eating dairy — making Mini Babybel the “Laughing Cow” of the cheese aisle.

What perhaps clinched the commercial’s place in our brains is the ridiculous button to end ad — where punk kid, his poofy-perm-mulleted blond gal pal and mop-topped-bespectacled boy buddy shout foreign words of enjoyment as they eat:

Boy: Bellissimo!
Girl: Magnifique!
Brunette Boy: C’est si bon!

Thanks to finnspin for posting this gem: