Think the World of ICI

Do you know who ICI is? Do you know all the things they can do?

Click play below to watch this colorful and musically-playful 1988 ad that introduces American television viewers to everything ICI is, all to convince you that once you know who they are, you will think the world of them!

Uploaded by Allison Venezio (yes, this is yours truly’s commercial from the archives!)

World class.

You know what else is world class? Visiting Allison over at Allison’s Written Words, following her blog on Facebook, and spotting her on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut. This is just one of her many commercials from the archives (aka “The Video Collection That Collects Dust”).



The Knit Wit

I recently bought Hot Pink Heather a crochet kit. It had some needles and other tools and a “How To Crochet” book. As I bought it, though, I had a vague memory of some commercial about a device that created little knitted circles that could be combined to make a quilt. A little searching later, and I was watching this commercial for the Knit Wit. How many times did I see this on late night 80s TV? I don’t know. But I’d sure love to have that Knit Witted butterfly afghan.