Retro Comic Book Ads

Old comic books often act as a time capsule.  They’re full of advertisements of products from long ago.  Some are still with us, while others are not.  I often like to crack open the pages of a long forgotten comic book and just browse the advertisements found inside with which to take a trip back in time to another era.  Let’s open one of those time capsules here today.

The “time capsule” for this trip back in time is a copy of Iceman #1, from Marvel Comics in 1984.  It was the first issue of his first mini-series, and I imagine this mini-series was created to capitalize on the character’s popularity from the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon.

The first ad we come across is a real eye opener.  It’s for the Mario Bothers home video game for the Atari 2600 system.  It’s hard to think of a Mario game being on any system besides one from Nintendo, but this is from before Nintendo was launched in the USA and Mario took over the video gaming world.  This version of the game for Atari was an arcade port to the home system.

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Check Out The Free Comic Book Day Issue of My Name Is…Jonah


Hey creeps, it’s that time of year again…that time when I shill the latest issue of the My Name Is…Jonah comic! Now you may ask yourself “Who the heck is Jonah and why should I read this comic?” Well dear fiends, I shall solve this insurmountable crisis for you with the following answers:

1. You should read the comic because it’s filled with retro flavored goodness, especially my ultra brilliant (or ultra stupid..mileage may vary) contribution! Seriously, it involves Nixon, Elvis and a bunch of super dated slang!

2. It is absolutely, 100% FREE!

3. It’s a digital download, so you won’t even have to leave your diabolical dungeon to pick up a copy!

Still not convinced? Here’s a sneak peek at my art for the issue:


So, head right here to check out all of the fun. Oh, and it should be said, these scintillating stories are not for sensitive readers!

“Win” Foreign Coins when you “Buy” Cloverine Salve to “Sell”

This a genius comic ad. It tricks kids into selling Cloverine Salve by thinking they are winning a contest for some foreign coins (that I am sure are worth about 5 cents). Now that you got your foreign coins, you just need to go door to door selling their fine smelling salve. What a bargain. Can you name all the countries?

Note: Cloverine, which contains White Petrolatum, Fragrance, Rectified Turpentine Oil and White Wax is still sold today in a very retro looking package.

win big sell cloverine

Star Wars Comic Ads

I don’t dislike Star Wars (I was quite smitten with in the early 80s, in fact), but I probably like it least of everybody on Team Retroist. Still, it is Star Wars Day, so what better time to share these Star Wars ads I found in early 80s comics. The first is for some sort of sweepstakes that I’m sure I would have dreamed of winning back then, and the other two are for toys. Notice the Death Star play set. One of my distant cousins had that and brought it over to Grandma’s once. I was very taken with the elevator and the trash compactor, especially the monster inside the trash compactor. May the Fourth be with you!