What Comic Book Was I Reading In March Of 1987?

Actually, I was reading a lot of comic books at that time but this 4 issue limited series by Marvel Comics giving the lowdown on all of the Transformers was what I had tucked away in my book binder at school, within easy reach…because why would I want to know about math when I could learn more about Thundercracker and Wheeljack?

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TV Thursday: Visionaries – Knights of the Magical Light (1987)

“The age of science is over…and the age of Magic has begun.” – Merklynn

A big thanks to Comic Vine for the above snapshot of the impressive Merklynn, the wizard looks like he is ready to deliver a very stern lecture doesn’t he?

In 1987 I was already a huge fan of Transformers and G.I. Joe but there came on the toy scene a new set of action figures called the Visionaires, medieval looking warriors with hologram stickers on their chest plates, and some carried staffs with holograms as well. I had seen something similar in the Supernaturals line of toys but I wasn’t impressed by them, I guess I didn’t like how they were just a huge hunk of plastic with arms. Then very soon on a local television station that I picked up on rabbit ears came the Visionaires animated series and right from the first five seconds of it, I just knew I had to get my hands on that toyline.

My birthday came around and I found myself with my first Visionaries toy, Ectar of the Spectral Knights and his vehicle, the Lancer Cycle. I had not known of vehicles to be honest, so I was pretty impressed to say the least. Luckily as the year progressed I was able to pick up a handful of the Darkling Lords as well as new…recruits…for the Spectral Knights. Unfortunately the magic of the Visionaires was short lived, as the animated series lasted a single season and due to the production costs of the making the action figures the line was canceled. Which is doubly a shame as they hadn’t been able to release Merklyyn’s Iron Mountain playset before they got the axe.

Thanks to YouTube you can watch the first episode, broken up in three parts, and I think you’ll agree that it has one of the strongest animated openings in the 80’s.