AD&D Comic Book Ads

Comics of the mid-80s were filled with ads for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons supplements. I never got to play any of these supplements. I never got to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I never even got to play regular Dungeons and Dragons. But I did spend a lot of time looking at these ads and dreaming of what I could get to do if I ever did get a chance to play. Here are just a few of those ads that kept me dreaming.








Hostess Comic Book Ads

I’m still on my quest to read through the entire 1980s run of The Amazing Spider-Man. In the early 80s issues, I found several Hostess ads. These are my favorite type of comic ads as they are comics in themselves. I do mourn since Hostess cakes are now no more. But I still have to delight in these ads as well because I realize now that they not only made me drool for Hostess, but they also shaped my view of life (as so much of the early 80s media did). I really thought that I would someday foil a robber by dropping a pack of Twinkies in his hand. I know now that I am more likely to be the robber who is so foiled. But even if that somehow happened, I think I’d be happy.







Gumfighting Do’s and Don’ts

Since The Retroist reminded us of the Hubba Bubba Gumfighter commercials this morning, I thought I’d throw in a comic book ad from 1980 which shows us how to be gumfighters ourselves. The stance is probably the most helpful piece of instruction here, but there are important tactics to be learned in the other sections as well. Study hard, then hit the trail for some gumfighting (with Hubba Bubba gum, of course)!