Coloring the Masters of the Universe


As a young boy I owned a couple of He-Man coloring books, one of which bore the image above. I don’t remember too much about its contents, except that the quality of the drawings varied hugely.

Some were complex, as if taken direct from comic panels. Others seemed as though they had been drawn by an artist who knew nothing of the characters. Of course this was part of the charm, and if I still owned those books, I’d be enjoying the art regardless.


I have no idea if the image above was one of those that I colored as a child but it certainly has that vibe about it!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to dig out my purple crayons, I have an Evil-Lyn to color…

Get the Weird But Real Creatures Coloring Book by Sean Hartter

Retroist regular Sean Hartter has a passion for coloring books and we are pleased to announce that a project he has been joyfully working on for months has finally been released, the “Weird But Real Creatures Coloring Book”. The 35 page book is jam packed with everyone’s favorite odd animal all waiting to be colored.

So get those crayons sharpened and show the world your Rainbow Cookie Cutter Shark and your Lavender Tasmanian Wolf. The only limit is your imagination! Coloring is fun.

Weird But Real Creatures Coloring Book [via] Lulu