Coleco ADAM - Title Card

The NEW Coleco ADAM Video Podcast

Three and a half years ago, I made my first Retroist Video Podcast and it was on a subject I care very much about: The Coleco ADAM Computer. That particular computer was the first I have ever owned and like many firsts, I have fond memories of the device. The original Retroist audio podcast was published in 2011 and like all of the other episodes, it is very informative. If you have never heard of Coleco’s computer or you don’t know much about it, I would recommend you give it a listen. However, if audio isn’t your thing, then keep reading.
Coleco ADAM - Coleco ADAM setup

A few years back, the Retroist asked if I was interested in making video podcasts of the show and well, obviously I said yes. My original idea was to give the video podcasts a dated look so I went with the 4:3 aspect ratio. This would be great if you were watching these on an old CRT television set. Over time I realized I could take advantage of the increased screen real estate of modern televisions & monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio. At some point (the A Christmas Story podcast may have been the first) I started making the video podcasts with the modern aspect ratio. Looking back at the video podcasts I have produced, it bothered me that the podcast I wanted to convert most was stuck in 4:3. Not anymore. I present the NEW Coleco ADAM Video Podcast in 16:9 and though the trend is 4K, I went with 1080. Hopefully I don’t regret that in a few years… With the exception of the commercials, I didn’t use much of the visuals from the original video podcast. Just about everything you see in this video podcast is new.

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Retro Video Games

Check Out The Funko Retro Video Games Mystery Minis!

Is there a better location to open up Funko’s new Retro Video Games mystery minis than the Arkadia Retrocade? From the arcade cabinet design of the packaging as well as the choice of iconic video games represented. I say it is in fact another example of why Funko is going to take over the world! So let us take a few moments and check out the Retro Video Games mystery minis!
Retro Video Games

First of all, the arcade itself didn’t pick up these blind boxes. These particular Retro Video Games collectibles all belong to Rhi, one of my co-workers at the arcade. Having said that…I will be totally shocked if the arcade doesn’t end up getting the full set.

Funko has yet to to fail to deliver the goods. With the likes though of Centipede, Q*bert, Dig-Dug, Frogger, and Mega Man. As well as our childhood icons from Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man, I think you’ll agree they knocked it out of the park.
Retro Video Games - Pac-Man

I would add that the Retro Video Games Mystery Minis are a bit larger than the typical Funko mini offering. They don’t quite reach three apples high, but these Concord grape soda bottles should prove my point.

Also of interest is that while they are certainly blind mini boxes. You will in fact not pull a Q*bert out of a Dig-Dug box, etc. I have to say I really love this. It will help in filling out your collections quite a bit.

Of the 12 boxes that Rhi opened last evening. I think it is safe to say that Centipede is one of my favorites. The sculpt truly captures the menace of the side art from that classic game.

In addition to the joy of seeing the Retro Video Games mystery minis opened. It was Earl Green that had the bright idea of comparing them to the classic Coleco Doney Kong PVC collectibles.

If you are ready to add Funko’s Retro Video Games Mystery Minis to your own collection. You can totally hop on over to Amazon right this second and place your order!

Family Action Games in the Coleco 1988 Games and Preschool Catalog

Family Action Games

The 10-year-old version of me would have wanted everything in the “family action games” section of this Coleco 1988 catalog. The NHL Stanley Cup Play-Off Hockey table would have been top of my list because, and I quote, “[it] is as close to NHL hockey action as you can get without actually being on the ice”!

A close second on my wish list would have been the air-powered Deluxe Power Jet Hockey table which I’m sure I would have mastered to the point where I could have been a world champion…

Power Jet Hockey

The sad truth is that the 10-year-old me didn’t get either. Apparently squeezing giant table games into my childhood home was a step too far and I instead settled for an Atari 8-bit computer that Christmas. I think my parents probably made the right decision but I still want these tables!

Let’s Scribble, Let’s Wash! With Scribble Stix!

Scribble Stix

Another image pulled from the 1988 Coleco Games and Preschool catalog, this time for the “not safe for towels” Scribble Stix!

My parents wouldn’t let me have these for fear of me ruining un-tiled walls, towels, and anything else that my younger self could have scribbled on. Sadly for my children, the same rules still apply and they won’t ever know the joys of scribbling and washing.

The Coleco catalog was found on the Orange Slime website.

Adult Games in the Coleco 1988 Games and Preschool Catalog

Trivial Pursuit

Don’t go getting too excited Retroists, the ‘Adult’ game here is Trivial Pursuit which I guess should have been expected from a catalog with the word preschool in the title. However, I’m intrigued by one of the pocket player sets – Boob Tube!

Boob Tube

Sadly, that turned out to be a bust too (sorry) and the pack is all about TV shows.

The Coleco catalog was found on the excellent Orange Slime website – expect more from the catalog in the future from me!