Richard Scarry’s Best ELECTRONIC Word Book Ever!

I was reading a submission to the Retroist the other day about Richard Scarry’s cartoons on Netflix. That reminded me of a software title from 1984 for the Coleco ADAM computer called “Richard Scarry’s Best Electronic Word Book Ever!” The bit of software starred “Lowly Worm” driving in his apple-shaped car. You steer him to different locations in the town using the ColecoVision joystick. And while in the location, say the construction site, you drive to different points in the site like a bulldozer, press the joystick fire button, and you will see the word “bulldozer” printed on the screen along with a sound effect or music.

Check out how it works:

Retro Computers: Then and Now – Coleco ADAM

I have a photo of myself from 1987 using the Coleco ADAM computer. It looks as though I am using SmartLOGO, which is an art program in which you tell the turtle (cursor) to draw objects on the screen by commanding it to move forward 10, right 45, forward 25, left 60, etc..

So I thought I’d take a similar photo today of me using an ADAM computer. Sadly, it is not the same computer as in the original photo. On a good note, I have more Coleco ADAM stuff now than I did then =)

Loading a program on the Coleco ADAM versus the C64

Microsoft Windows users just have to point to the “Start” button, click, and then scroll through until they find the program they want to use. Not so simple in 1983. The Commodore 64 and the Coleco ADAM both used 5.25 inch floppy disk to hold their applications. No hard drive. In the following video, you’ll see how things were done back in the early 1980’s.