I Just Switched to Sanka. So, have a heart?

If it doesn’t have caffeine I don’t understand the point of drinking it, but some people actually seem to enjoy Sanka. Me, I just like saying “Sanka”. Sanka! It conjures up images of deep blue rivers, tearing through the lush jungles of some mythical South American country. I imagine that if the Three Stooges ever did a road trip movie to a South American country they would have called it “Sanka”. ‘Certainly.

The Best Part of Waking Up

After disbanding the duo Pearl she formed with her sister, singer Leslie Pearl made a go of it as a solo pop singer and scored one minor hit: 1982’s “If the Love Fits Wear It,” which went to #28 on the pop chart and #7 on the AC. Pearl’s career stalled, so she turned to songwriting…and then jingle writing. She wrote one of the longest-lasting, most heard commercial songs ever:

Double Retro: that is indeed Scott Bakula.

Early Jim Henson Work for Wilkins Coffee


In 1957, Jim Henson was approached by the Wilkins Coffee Company of Washington, D.C. to produce commercials. The commercials had to be short, so what Henson came up with was an 8 second pitch followed by a two second product shot. They were short, but extremely effective. The ads featured Wilkins who was the pitch puppet, he loved coffee and Wontkins, who was a grumpy puppet who hated coffee. The commercials always involved Wilkins doing some bodily harm to Wontkins in some form (gun, club, hammer, etc).

If you listen to the commercials, the voices will sound eerily familiar. They were simple and hilarious as you will see.