Fun with Shapes by Joanne Wylie and Ruth Ruhman

I had a lot of clown related stuff around when I was a kid. 90% of it still gives me nightmares to this day (you know I am talking to you weird wooden carved hobo clown wall hanging with the crying flower!) The one clown related thing that gave me 100% joy and happiness was the clown-centric Fun with Shapes by Joanne Wylie and Ruth Ruhman. The book teaches kids about shapes and stars these adorable guys.

Either this book is not very popular now or was super popular back when it was printed in 1972, because you can pick up a used copy for under a buck on Amazon.

Stuff Yer Face – The Marble Eating Clown Game

Stuff Yer Face was a two person tabletop game created in 1982 by Milton Bradley. The game consists of a blue circular playing field with two clown puppets. In the playing field are 25 marbles; ten yellow, ten green and five red. To win the game you must be the first clown to eat all ten of the marbles that match your clowns color. You eat them by using puppet arms to scoop them up and put them in your gaping clown maw. If you eat your opponents marbles they get credit for that. Once all your color marbles have been gobbled up, you have to go for the red marbles. The first clown to eat three of those wins the game. If at anytime before you finish eating your marbles, you eat a red marble, you lose.

Stuff Yer Face
[Game photo by B Young]

It is a frantic game. Much more frantic than say Hungry Hungry Hippos because it involves these difficult to use puppet hands that not only challenge you to lift up the marbles, but also require a certain amount of patience (that young people do not have) or you wind up lifting the entire game off the floor and spilling the marbles.

I remember commercials for this game, but was not able to find one online, so here is a video of two skilled adults playing the game.

Bozo the Clown Bop Bag Inflatable Punching Toy

When I was a kid, nothing helped burn off excess sugar energy like a punching toy. I must have a bunch of these knockaround buddies as a kid. All of which could take me out in under 4 rounds.

My most memorable punching toy was Bozo the Clown. I am not sure why, but something about this smiling inflatable clown triggered hours of small ineffective flying fists. So effective was Bozo, that I was not surprised to see that his clowny visage still finds its way onto punching toys. Order one up for yourself or someone you love and let the fists fly!!

Bozo the Clown Bop Bag Inflatable Punching Toy [@] Amazon