The Fields Movie Review (2011)

If I had to pick a favorite film genre, and this is probably not going to surprise anyone…it has to be the Horror or Thriller genre. I loved to be scared. Safely scared, especially in an auditorium with 300+ strangers who feel just like me. I just can’t seem to get enough of that hair tingling sensation on the back of my neck when I’m torn between looking away from the screen or propping my eyes open with my fingers so I won’t miss a single frame of the scares.

I’d like to give a big thanks to our friends over at the Platform Media Group for sending me a DVD copy of the upcoming thriller, The Fields, directed and produced by Tom Mattera (The 4th Dimension) and David Mazzoni (The 4th Dimension) to review.

The Fields is an American Gothic tale set in the fall of 1973 and based on true events. The story revolves around young Steven (Joshua Ormond) who due to his miserable and quite frankly dangerous home life, for example Steven is woken up in the middle of the night and looks on in horror as his Father (Barry, played by Faust Checho) menacingly points a rifle at the boy’s Mother (Bonnie, played by Tara Reid), and is taken to his Father’s parents for a couple of weeks while Bonnie and Barry try to “work things out”.

His Grandparents, Gladys and Hiney’s (Played with absolute perfection by Cloris Leachman and Bev Appleton) secluded farm at first seems like a welcome and idyllic place for Steven and it is…or so it seems. The one thing that the feisty and foul-mouthed Gladys warns Steven is not to go into the corn field.

During his stay with his Grandparents, Steven is held in thrall by the news reports of the hideous Manson Family killing spree…and finds that he and his family are about to be wrapped up in a nightmarish situation that possibly has a connection with those horrific murders.

I’ll stop with my Spoilers here but beware the trailer below as it certainly dips a toe into SPOILER territory.

[Via] The Fields Official YouTube Channel

I found the movie to be an interesting thriller, digging into true life horror instead of a supernatural presence. The DVD will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray starting on April 24th, with a SRP of $24.99 for the DVD and $29.99 for the Blu-Ray version. The DVD and Blu-Ray special features include a makingof documentary, behind-the-scenes footage, Cloris Leachman outtakes, interviews with the real people involved and clips from the world premiere.

Night Gallery: The Sins Of The Fathers/You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore (1972)

This creepy episode of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery originally aired on the NBC network on the night of February 23rd, 1972. The first tale stars Richard Thomas (The Waltons), Michael Dunn (The Wild Wild West), Geraldine Page (The Rescuers), and Barbara Steele (8 1/2). It deals with a young man (Thomas) who must pretend to be a Sin-Eater at a nobleman’s wake.

The second tale in the episode deals with an abusive couple who mistreat their maid, in this case a robotic servant. It stars Cloris Leachman (Young Frankenstein), Broderick Crawford (Highway Patrol), Henry Jones (Vertigo), Severn Darden (The Six Million Dollar Man), and Lana Wood (Diamonds Are Forever). I have to say that I’m always very moved by Dr. Kessler’s (Darden) righteous anger towards the couple in this tale, he really does a great job with it.

A big thanks to the Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: A Shadowy Museum of the Outre site for the screencap of the painting from You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore.