Batman and Robin Janex Talking Alarm Clock

As a kid, I was not a huge Batman fan. Sure I liked the TV show, but when it came to comic books I was firmly in the Marvel camp. More specifically, I was a Captain America fan. Because of this I am still puzzled as to how I grew up with a Janex Batman and Robin talking Alarm Clock next to my bed. Who bought it for me? When did they buy it? I have no exact recollection (what am I blocking?), but for as long as I could remember, I would wake up to the sounds and colorful image of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder (who is driving a tiny Robin-sized Batmobile).

[via] eBay

A thing of beauty right? I am not sure where my original clock went to? When I went home on my most recent trip, I dug through just about every nook and cranny of the house and it did not turn up. This was disappointing , but maybe it is for the best, since I think I left a battery in it at some point and things got pretty badly corroded.

PLUS! This allows me to browse for a new one online. I have spotted a few in working condition, but I am not sure how good they will sound at this point and if I cannot awaken to the same sounds of my youth, the thing would just be more shelf candy in a world already filled with shelf candy. Why am I worried about sound? Well, just about every example of audio from one these classics ends up sounding like this…

Did you have a talking Janex clock as a kid? They made other characters. You think I should pick up a new one?

adventure desk clock

Atari 2600 Adventure Cartridge Desk Clock

What time is it? Time for an Adventure clock!

This is an awesome Adventure Atari 2600 cartridge desk clock. The clock is made from from the original Atari cartridge, which is then mounted on a desk stand, and has clock movements inserted into it. The clock will make a great addition to an office, a bedroom, or even the center piece on your mantle. Great for a gift for that hard to shop for person or for yourself.

The clock movements run on 1 AA battery for 2-3 years and keep time within 2-3 minutes per year.

adventure desk clock

Adventure Atari 2600 Desk Clock [via] Etsy

MONOCHRON Clock kit (The PONG Clock)

Sick of you tired old clock? Have some tech skills? Why not order a hackable PONG clock from The clock displays a lively game of pong with the score changing to reflect the current time. A conversation starter and interesting piece of tech all for the low price of $80. Check out this video of the clock in action.

But a MONOCHRON Clock kit [@] adafruit industries